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Kenneth Richard Turner has been a professional artist for more than four decades and including his student years has been painting nearly 6 decades. His artistic production exceeds 800 original oil paintings and hang in collections around the world. One of his gifts is his ability to work with people realizing the painting that they have envisioned a rare trait for a fine artist. He is best known for his large, multi-figure canvases of historical subjects. These paintings combine his mastery as a portrait painter, landscape artist, painter of horses and manipulator of light. Ken is comfortable with a wide range of subject matter. The majority of his time is spent filling commissions to an international clientele.

Born July 4, 1948, Ken began formal training at age 11 with Harry Worthman, receiving the Westbury High School art Scholarship Award in 1966 and the Conservative Arts Scholarship Award in 1968-71. He was the first undergraduate in the history of the University of Houston to have a sculpture erected on campus. After graduating with a BFA, he taught figure sculpture at University of Houston in 1972 and painting for the Art League of Houston in 1973-74. His paintings were part of an exhibition of young American artists in Geneva Switzerland in 1975. In 1974 he became the protégé of the Hungarian Master Lajos Markos who completed his training and helped launch his career.

In 1976 Florence and Ali Al-Abssi of the Ishtar Gate Gallery, the Galleria, Houston Texas began to purchase his paintings calling him "a serious artist of immense talent." "Sagoot Al Riyad", a large painting commissioned in 1985 by the ruling family of Saudi Arabia hangs in the Palace where the King and senior members of the Saud family meet weekly. It is important to note that even the galleries were willing to purchase all of his artistic endeavors. In the mid-70's and early 80's these include: Herzog Gallery, First State Bank of Kilgore, Galerie Barbizon, Brass Door Gallery, and, Ishtar Gate Gallery.

"Decision at the Alamo" painted in 1986, was displayed in the Texas State Capital for the Sesquicentennial and is now in the collection of K.S. [Bud] Adams owner of the Tennessee Titans. Rotisserie for Beef and Bird purchased "The Light of Freedom" in 1987 to begin their collection of 15 original Turners. He received official recognition from the mayor and city council of Houston in 1994 for his painting "Union de Dos Culturas" commissioned by Benito Albarran of Guadalajara, Mexico. Reproductions of his painting "Out of the Ashes', commissioned by Randy Dean in 2001, hang in the George H. Bush Presidential Library, the office of the Governor of New York, N.Y.P.D, F.D.N.Y., and Port Authority Police Department New York and New Jersey Headquarters.

Kenneth Richard Turner remains in a constant state of change, learning, and development. He believes that each painting represents himself and that he must give the best of himself to every canvas. To quote: "What I try to express on canvas is the two dimensions of life. One being the external form of things perceived by the eye, the other sensed internally. I have always thought that depth of contents and feeling are the synergistic partners of technique."

I would like to express my gratitude to the hundreds of individuals whose patronage has made my career as a professional artist a reality. To those listed and many more not named THANK YOU!
But most of all, Thanks be to God. Our Father in Heaven provides the talent, the inspiration, and the connections to him be the Glory.

The artist's work is in the collection of:

This is a partial list:
George H. Bush Presidential Library, College Station TX
American Liberty Hospitality , Houston, TX
Benito Albarran, Guadalajara, Mexico
Alqatani Pipe, Ryahd, Saudi Arabia
Arenco, Houston, TX
Atwood Oceanics, Houston. TX
Bud Adams, Adams Energy, Houston TX
AL Alawi Speacialized Fngineering, Dubai, U.A.E.
The King of Saudi Arabia. Ryahd, Saudia Arabia
His Royal Highness, Prince Sultan Ibn Abd Al Assis Al Saud
Governor Rick Perry, Austin TX
Governor Greg Abbott, Austin, TX
Governor George Pataki, New York, NY.
N.Y.P.D.Museum, New York, NY.
The Port Authority Headquarters of New York and New Jersey
F.D.N.Y., New York, NY.
Mark A. Chapman, Cat Spring, TX.
Randy Dean, C.D.M. Resource Management, Houston TX
The Conrad N. Hilton College, The University of Houston, Houston, TX
Enrico Urdaneta, Maracaibo, Venezuela
Don Faust, Faust Distributing, Houston TX
Ali Al Abssi, Houston Texas
Jorge Rangel, Corpus Christie, TX

Joe Brown, Brown Oil Tool, Houston, TX
Donald Bonham, Fiesta Food Markets, Houston, TX
Joe Mannke, Rotisserie for Beef and Bird, Houston, TX
Dr. Robert and Yvonne, Lowe Columbus TX
Earl and Peggy Pitchford, Drymala Construction Columbus, TX
Kansas State University,Manhattan, Kansas
Prairie View A. & M. Prairie View, TX
Y.A. Tittle Atherton California
H. Roice Nelson, Founder Land Mark Graphics, Cedar City UT
Texas Pipe, Houston TX
David and Eula Wintermann, Eagle Lake, TX
William Lehr, President of American Rice, Garwood TX
John Massey, Columbus State Bank, Hill Bank and Trust, Dallas TX
Harris County Judge Robert Eckels, Houston, TX
The John L. Wortham Company, Houston, TX
Dr. Glen and Melinda Ginter, Katy, TX
Joe and Linda Roberts, Katy, TX
Dr Ali Self McAllen, TX
Claude E. Mauer, Buenas Aires, Argentina
Prairie Producing Co., Houston, TX
Petroman Tankers and Mineral Shipping Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
The Sheraton Astrodome Hotel, Houston, TX

Represented in California
Raju Rasiah
332 North Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills Ca 90210
310 278 4367
Studio and Gallery
741 Walnut
New Ulm Texas 78950
by appointment only
979 733 0400
Represented in Houston
Ishtar International
5075 Westheimer Suite 950
The Galleria
Houston Texas 77056
713 960 9460
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